Do you want more information? Would you like to become involved with the Busara Project? Here are some examples of ways to connect with us:

Corporate Sponsorship

Support our project to share the wisdom: Donate money; host a corporate fundraiser to show the importance of cultural preservation; donate equipment that will help us on our journey!

Classroom interviews

Would you like your classroom to have access to a tribe in Africa, to talk with tribal members in real time? Via Skype, students ask questions and get real answers!

Host a party

Want to talk with a living treasure? Invite your friends to support the Busara Project and talk to Africa in your own home! Schedule a party!

All African interviews are limited and must be scheduled in advance.

Contact Amy Culver or Donna Vaughan at Please put “info request” in the subject line and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

All media inquires please contact Amy Culver via our contact form.

Press Releases:

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Video From the Field

We Need Your Support

We hope that you join us in this most important journey. Here's how.