How you can Help

The Busara Project is designed to take our audience along on this journey as a virtual hitchhiker, using social media as our main component. We are an interactive website that is updated regularly with interviews with members of the Maasai family and with the Chief of Datoga, “playing Skypee” as he calls it. We are seeking corporate and individual donations to help us document the cultures of these living treasures!

We want to reach as many people as possible with their stories via short clips and relevant social media (facebook, twitter), along with the Busara web site and blog. Please support preserving culture and tradition by donating, becoming part of the Busara team, hosting or hosting a party.

Asante Sana! (Thank you in Swahili)


By donating to the Busara Project you become part of the team. All donations will go 100% to supporting the project. Be part of the adventure of listening to the wisdom. All donations over $100 will be sent a handmade gift from one of the tribes as a show of appreciation.

Host a party-

Want to talk to a living treasure? Invite your friends to support the Busara project and become a cultural preservationist! We can cyber conference with our friends in Tanzania. You will be able to talk in real time to the Chief of Datoga or Maasai on real time in your own home. Ask questions, inquire about tribal cultures and traditions, listen to their wisdom!

We are only able to facilitate this with a few audiences so please email for more information.

Wish List

Want to donate or have a connection that could sponsor a specific aspect of our project?

Below is our Busara Wish List:

  • Plane tickets
  • Camping equipment
  • Video Camera’s
  • First Aid Kits
  • Night vision gear
  • Camping wear
  • Laptops, harddrives
  • Portable solar panels

Video From the Field

We Need Your Support

We hope that you join us in this most important journey. Here's how.