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CATCHING UP: Ok, we are back in communications – at least for the time being! We have learned that since last summer – not wanting what happened in Northern Africa to happen in Tanzania — the government has shut down some of the cel towers, making communications almost impossible. To add to the situation we ran into some local logistical “problems.” But since I am trying to keep our log postings chronological, you will have to wait for the details. We are still processing it all ourselves. I am just happy that our team is small and we were able to negotiate our way out. We are safe, tired and clean!

THE WARRIOR, THE LION, AND COURTSHIP: Before we move forward, since I am able to successfully upload photos today, I am sending a photo of the warrior who killed the lion, and a description of some of the tradition that accompanies such an accomplishment: The killer of the lion and the young woman in the photo with him are both Datogan. There are two ways to become famous in Datoaga and Maasia: one is when you kill a lion and the other is when you kill the man that stole your cows. So, if a Datogan kills a Maasai that stole his cows, he is actually more famous than the lion killer. One cow thief kill equals two lions. This is true for both tribes. When a man kills a lion, each of his relatives presents him with gifts of cows and the rest of the tribe showers him with jewelry. This Datogan man was hesitant to let me take his photo but finally agreed when he could see the digital return. He was also expecting a “gift,” since he is a celebrity. The young woman is hoping to marry the celebrity! After cows comes the women… What is interesting is that if a man is interested in a woman, he will lay the stick down in front of her. If a lion killer wants the woman, then he will lay his stick down and the average man has to take his stick back. If a cow thief killer wants the woman, then he lays his stick down and the lion killer has to take his stick back. Here it is all about the size and color of the stick!

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