About the Busara Project

Busara is a Swahili word that means wisdom, understanding, knowledge and insight. In Tanzania, the women are the traditional keepers of tribal knowledge and wisdom. The Busara Project has both the access and ability to capture this living resource before it is gone forever.

The Maasai, Datoga, and Hadzabe (Bushmen) tribes have an oral history that stretches back more than 10,000 years- a history that is on the verge of disappearing. The women of these tribes are the traditional and cultural teachers and they are willing to share with the Busara team their wisdom and insight in the face of cultural eradication.

Rather then simply giving these woman a voice, we are there to give the World a chance to listen and learn.

Project Overview

The Busara Project provides the audience with unique access through social media, sharing in the understanding of three of the oldest tribes in Tanzania, East Africa. The project’s perspective is of real time, real understanding and real people of  Tanzania, at a time before great change and globalization occurs. The projects goal is to capture their cultures before it is lost forever. With this perspective, we chose the word Busara, which in Swahili means wisdom, understanding, knowledge and insight. The Busara Project will focus on the current cultural preservation of the Maasai, Datoga, and Bushmen. Amy Culver, who has traveled for the last 6 years, has created a deep friendship and working rapport with all three tribes.

The Busara Project is formulated to take our audience along with us on this journey using social media as our main component. We are an interactive website that is updated weekly with interviews of the Chief of Datoga on, as he calls it “playing Skypee” and the Maasai family. We are seeking corporate and individual donations to help us culturally preserve and document these living treasures. We want to reach as many people as possible with our stories.

Video From the Field

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